Improve Your Vision with Anti-Reflective Coatings

Anti-reflective (AR) coatings provide a dual benefit by reducing the amount of glare that you see as well as any glare that reflected off of your lenses. Available light transmission is increased to 99.5% with the use of modern anti-reflective coatings.

Give Your Eyes a Rest

Studies show that the glare from fluorescent lighting, your computer screen, and even the reflection of car lights while driving at night can cause eye fatigue. This is greatly reduced with the use of anti-reflect lenses, which contain layers that are scientifically calculated to block all reflected light thus reducing surface reflections, halos around lights, and other harsh glares.

And Look Good Too

Whether you’re talking with someone in person, on camera, or getting your picture taken, light glare and reflections off of your lenses can be distracting and take away from your natural appearance. Often the internal reflections can appear as rings in typical lenses, making the lenses look thick. Anti-reflective coating has the opposite effect, giving lenses a thin, almost non-existent appearance that gives your eyes a more natural look.

Also Available for Sunglasses

Anti-Reflective coating is applied only to the back surface of sunglass lenses in order to help block light that is reflected from behind you back into your eyes. If the AR coating was applied to the front surface of the lenses, the sunglasses run the risk of looking smudged and blurry due to their dark tinting. Back-coated sunglasses are by far preferable cosmetically and methodically over front-coated AR lenses and lenses without AR coating.

In Summation

If you wear glasses while your drive, in bright weather, or anywhere that harsh reflections are possible, having lenses with Anti-Reflective coating is a must. These lenses do more than just reflect bad glares. They are easy to clean, stay clean longer, prevent smudging, and are more durable than other lenses; ensuring your eyeglasses or sunglasses will be long-lasting.

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